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Watch shelf life double

These shelf life results are not Photoshopped

The best time to start saving your greens was your opening day. The second best time is now.

– Cambro Proverb

Protecting Valuable Produce and Proteins

Seal Covers

In addition to keeping foods at the right temperature, the trick to retaining nutrients, flavor and appearance during storage is to keep out air and additional moisture. Cambro Seal Covers are specifically designed to help reduce premature spoilage because they are made with an inner seal that maximizes product freshness while protecting food again cross-contamination. Seal Covers have been laboratory and field-tested to extend shelf life by two to three days. They are available in multiple sizes and fit both Camwear® and Translucent Cambro Food Pans.

Camwear® and Translucent Food Pans

Cambro clear and translucent food pans allow for easy identification of food items, and using them along with Seal Covers are a must to limit oxidation, thereby helping to retain freshness in both raw ingredients as well as prepared foods. Cambro food pans keep products just as cold as metal for just as long with less condensation and are precisely designed to Gastronorm GN specifications, with a large radius bottom to reduce food waste.

Colander Food Pans

Using Cambro’s Colander Pans will ensure that refrigerated produce stays dry and less susceptible to spoilage by allowing condensation and drippings to drain away. This convenient set-up allows an operator to rinse, drain and store all in one pan. Liquids drain directly into the Cambro food pan below for easy disposal. The colander simply lifts out of the food pan, allowing quick removal of any liquids. Colander Pans can be used with Cover with Handle or Flat Covers.